ZEUS200 news

A new intelligent, comfortable and eco-friendly way of sailing is born.

ZEUS200 by Mobiltech is the innovative thermoelectric generator designed for the boating industry. A product entirely designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, it stems from the company’s extensive experience in applications for recreational vehicles.

ZEUS200, the only and exclusive industrialised system on the market, provides a solution to on-board energy problems that protects the surrounding environment as it uses an efficient burner instead of a thermal engine for energy production.

The ZEUS generator, in the version designed for boats as well as motorhomes, exploits the Seebeck effect, which was discovered in 1821 and is still used today to supply electricity in special applications, such as NASA space probes and lunar rovers. It is also used to supply energy to telecommunication systems and meteorological stations, i.e. all those applications where electricity supply is not directly available.

Current generation is linked to the temperature difference created between the two faces of a particular module present inside the product, consisting of a semiconductor (tellurium bismuth). ZEUS200 produces about 200 W of power, exploiting the combustion temperature of diesel fuel for the hot side, and seawater for the cold side. The water temperature and its minimum variability during the seasons is the prerequisite for obtaining excellent efficiency in electrical production.

ZEUS200 is extremely quiet, eco-friendly and safe and can independently manage renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, when available on board.

ZEUS200 functions when the engine is not running, it keeps the service and engine batteries charged silently and automatically, without the emission of any unpleasant fumes. This makes it possible to power on-board instruments, autopilots, water-makers, refrigerators, room heaters, various lights and other small devices such as battery chargers for mobile phones, etc. Small and medium sized boats can use ZEUS200 as the only power supply system, while larger ones can use it as an auxiliary system to be used during the night.