To ship the goods, please fill in the delivery note with the destination:
Mobil Tech srl, Via Don Luigi Sturzo 1 – 20832 Desio (MB) – Italy

IMPORTANT: regulations for the return of goods

  • freight collect goods are not accepted
  • repairs under warranty are performed only if accompanied by a receipt of purchase, and sent within 24 months from the date shown on this receipt. If this document is missing, the date reported on the serial number will be considered
  • use the original packaging to prevent accidental damage by the carrier
  • if the original packaging is no longer available, send the goods without the dish
  • any damage caused by the carrier will be the responsibility of whoever is requesting the service, therefore make sure that the package and its contents are well packaged and protected
  • if no documentation is available, the repair shall be suspended until the documents are sent
  • if the warranty seal is broken or missing, the product will be repaired for a fee
  • a written quote will be sent for each chargeable repair, and the repair will commence only after the quote has been accepted
  • the remote control and control unit must be sent together with the outdoor unit
  • any refund relating to repairs or work under warranty must be requested and agreed upon with written authorisation from Mobil Tech
  • chargeable repairs are guaranteed for 6 months
  • if the goods sent under warranty are found to be in working order, the testing and shipping costs will be charged