Mobil Tech expands its offer of ZEUS
thermoelectric generators

Very silent with extremely low emissions, ZEUS can deliver electrical energy anywhere and anytime. This concept is based on the well-known Seebeck effect, discovered in 1821 and still used by NASA to supply energy to space probes and lunar rovers.

In addition to nautical and recreational vehicle sectors, the company has also entered new and interesting application fields, where electricity is required but the access to grid is not available. ZEUS80, ZEUS150 and ZEUS200 thermoelectric generators by Mobil Tech are able to generate energy taking the fuel directly from the plant’s tank and recharge the batteries silently, with low emissions. ZEUS generators are eco-friendly and stop working when batteries are charged, for a sustainable, fast and efficient support.”


The ZEUS thermoelectric generators by Mobil Tech can be used in the wind energy sector to power wind measurement systems such as LIDAR and SODAR.
The need to continuously power obstruction lights and lubrication pumps is also critical.
ZEUS generators are able to supply the required watts, ranging from 7W to 150W for powering the measurement instruments, from 50W to 100W for obstruction lights and around 25W for lubrication pumps.


In the oil and gas industry, pipeline safety is paramount and is ensured by audio and video surveillance instrumentation systems, which require a power of 25W to 100W.  Depending on the model chosen, ZEUS thermoelectric generators are able to meet the power requirements of these types of equipment.
In this field, electric chemical injection pumps also require a power source to function properly, which ranges from 7W to 30W; while the SCADA system requires between 5W and 20W. Mobil Tech meets the energy requirements of both these applications with the more compact ZEUS80 model.


Equipment that detects precipitation levels and monitors temperatures on roads and bridges requires between 12.5W and 50W of power; depending on the model chosen, ZEUS can supply up to 150W.
The ZEUS generators by Mobil Tech also supply the watts needed to power road speed monitoring equipment, which requires around 50W to 125W to operate.


Video and audio surveillance systems used to protect infrastructure require around 25W-50W of power.
Video surveillance equipment is also used on construction sites and requires electricity to operate. ZEUS supplies the necessary energy, which corresponds to 15W per camera and 150W for multi-channel video processing and transmission (including IR lighting).


The field of measuring and transmitting environmental data such as sea levels, climate change, seismic movements and gas or radiation values in the air requires reliable and precise instrumentation and equipment. The power requirement is up to 105W for a 12-month period.
In the context of maritime research, buoys also play an important role: ZEUS thermoelectric generators by Mobil Tech can supply up to 200W of power to all this equipment.


For continuous transmission of data and radio signals, even in difficult-to-access areas or in the event of an emergency due to a momentary power failure, more than 20W of power is required. ZEUS can supply up to 150W, making it perfect for this application, even in emergency situations.