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Your batteries always charged. Silently!

ZEUS150 display

zeus150 roccia

ZEUS 150 is an innovatiove generator that charges the batteries of campers, trucks and boats

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  • No more external noisy generators
  • No more concerns about solar panel in winter or when cloudy
  • No more searches for an electric plug
  • No more worries about batteries
  • Automatic management of the best vehicle's power source
  • Management of both service and vehicle batteries


ALWAYS AVAILABLE: uses your vehicle's diesel/gasoline
POWERFUL: able to feed 150W/h
SILENT: less than 32dB(A) at 7mt, you can easily sleep when the generator is running
LOW EMISIONS: usable also in a crowded parking
SMART: stops working when batteries are charged. No fuel wasted
EASY TO USE: with the touch screen you control everything with a tap
AUTOMATIC MODE: manages batteries autonomously, without any user action
INTEGRATED: manages also solar panels, to create an integrated system able to use the best energy source
VERSATILE: manages every type of battery: lead/AGM/gel/lithium
REMOTE CONTROL: optional cellular module for remote control, using a dedicated app (Android/IOS)
STRONG: protected against reverse polarity, overload, overheating and battery low
UPDATABLE: software user updatable using the MicroSD slot

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zeus150 int


Zeus can manage an optional photovoltaic module to create an automatic system that manages your batteries
The control unit selects autonomously the best energy source, giving priority to solar, eco-friendly power
Your batteries will always be charged, respecting environment and reducing fossil fuel consumption as much as possible

ZEUS schema ITA 2018
zeus150 raffreddamentoDetachable cooling unit, for an easy installation
zeus150 interno


Conversion of temperature gradient into electric current is a well-known physical phenomenon, discovered by Thomas J. Seebeck on 1821.
He noticed the movement of the magnet needle when different metals were connected and exposed to a temperature gradient; the deflection was caused by an induced electric current.
Connecting the two materials using an electrical circuit, direct current flows into it.
To translate this phenomenon into practice, Zeus uses several Seebeck Modules and a dedicated fuel burner.

zeus150 grafico seebeck
sonda voyager
Seebeck technology is actually used by NASA, to feed spatial probes and Mars rovers.


Supply: Diesel or gasoline, taken from the vehicle's tank
Max charge capacity: 150W/h (300A/Day)
Average fuel consumption: 0.20-0.58 lt/h
Noise level at 7mt: 32,6 dB(A)
Operating altitude: up to 2500mt
Operating temperature: -20oC…+30oC
Generator dimensions: 550x330x265 mm (LxWxH)
Cooling unit: 498x200x260 mm (LxWxH)
Generator weight: 28.9kg
Cooling unit weight: 5.9kg

zeus150 installato
zeus150 display installato


4.3" touch screen colour display
Automatic or manual mode
Batteries state management
External power source management
System auto diagnostics
MicroSD slot for system update
Dimensions: 80x125x17.5 mm (LxWxH)

zeus150 display biancoAUTO DIAGNOSIS SCREEN


MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracker)
Two batteries management: priority to the primary battery, then the secondary one
Continuous check of both batteries
Input for auxiliary energy source: photovoltaic panels up to 300Wp for 12V batteries
Battery type selection: PB/AGM/GEL or LiFeP04, with BMS (Battery Management System)
Optional module for wireless remote control via Bluetooth or cellular network (Android/IOS App)
Protected against reversed polarity, overload, overheating and battery low
Charging Voltage temperature compensated


Zeus150CD: for diesel campers
Zeus150CB: for gasoline campers
Zeus150BD: for diesel engine sail boats
Zeus150BB: for gasoline engine sail boats
Zeus150TD: for 24V diesel trucks


4 years warranty
2 years standard warranty + 2 years on the power generation part, if you join the maintenance program that includes an annual check-up at a fixed cost of 40€ + vat in one of our authorized centers


* Data subject to change without notice and without changing functionality