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kit LNB Twin

Kit LBN Twin

to connect two independent decoders. It connects to the existing cables, already set for this purpose.


220/12V 10A Power supply

stabilized, to be used for connecting various MSP+ kits, for caravans that have no battery. It offers protection against short circuits, voltage controlled. Useful for exhibitors and demos

 antenna DVB-T

DVB-T Antenna

DTT 20db amplified antenna to be included in the cover of the motor of the MSP+ kits, in order to have two receiving systems in one equipment. satellite and digital terrestrial


Power supply

power supply for DVB-T antenna - to be used if you have digital decoder with no active output 5V

 ripetitore di segnale IR

IR signal repeater

To be used to hide decoder, DVD and more in cabinets. Compatible with most devices on the market. Noise free.